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Fernando Martin

Fernando Martin

BiographyHe was born in Madrid on July 16, 1959, without being very clear about what he was going to do with his life. Even today he has not cleared that mystery.

Theater and Cinema

In 1980 he graduated as an actor at the Royal Superior School of Dramatic Arts and Dance (RSAD) in Madrid. Among his interventions in this field, in 1990 he participates, as an actor, in the short film “I want him to be him” , directed by Monica Laguna and played by the Great Wyoming. In 1989 he made a role for the television series “Los Riders of the Dawn” , series directed by Vicente Aranda for TVE In 1988 he played a role in the chapter “Love and opportunities”, directed by Moncho Alpuente and belonging to the series “Delirios de love ” , co-produced by TVE In 1987 intervenes in the film ” The lute: walk or burst “, directed by Vicente Aranda. In 1986 he participated in the International Festival of Theater of the Community of Madrid as an interpreter in the musical comedy “The Queen of the Nile” , written by Moncho Alpuente and directed by Ángel Facio. In 1981 he participated as an actor and member of the technical team of the show “La celestina” , performed by the Teatro del Aire group, under the direction of Ángel Facio. In 1980 he co-founded the independent theater group Zascandil and premiered the musical comedy “Angelica on the threshold of heaven”, under the direction of José Estruch. In 1978 he participates as an actor in ASITEJ (International Children’s Theater Congress) with the assembly “The Trips of Peter the Lucky”by A. Strindberg, premiered at the María Guerrero Theater in Madrid, under the direction of Angel Gutierrez.


From 1985 to 1993 he was a composer and singer of the rock group Desperados , with whom he released five official albums and made numerous tours throughout the national geography, as well as a multitude of television appearances.


He is currently a music critic of the newspaper El País , in his Culture section, work that he will already perform in the years 83/85, and collaborator of the weekly supplement El País de los Tentaciones of the mentioned newspaper. He has also collaborated in the television sections, Madrid and the supplement El Viajero .

He is responsible for the music page of the monthly GQ magazine, and also regularly collaborates for Rolling Stone magazines , edited by PROGRESA, and Playboy , edited by RBA

Throughout the 80’s he worked as editor and reporter for the magazine Madrid Me Mata and in 1983 he worked as editor of the satirical supplements of the newspaper El País , El País Imaginario , El Chafardero Indomable and Daily Alien .

Published Books

“La Pantoja, the funny biography of a heroine of the song” . Today’s Issues, “Vidas Ejemplares” collection, Madrid, 1991
“Madrid kills me” , stories by various authors selected by Moncho Alpuente. Editorial Calambur, Madrid, 1993
“How to approve everything, without giving a badge . ” Editorial Topics of Today, “El papagayo” collection, Madrid, 1994.


In the years 95 and 96 he has collaborated as an occasional radio and tertullian actor in the “The cabinet” section of the program “La Radio de Julia”, directed and presented by Julia Otero on Onda Cero Radio .

In 1992 on Onda Cero Radio as editor, announcer and reporter on the program “The Street” , local daily magazine, and “Protagonistas del domingo” broadcasted throughout the State.
In 1991 he joined Onda Cero Música, performing, directing and announcing the “Collections 10” (daily) and “El garage” (weekend) programs.

In 1989 he participated as a protagonist in the radio soap opera “El Dorado is here next door” , written and directed by Moncho Alpuente and broadcast daily on a chain in the program of Ángel Casas “El sermón” , of the Cadena SER.
In 1998 on RNE-RADIO 5, he worked as a screenwriter, broadcaster and radio actor on the radio program “Good morning Babylon” , directed and presented by Moncho Alpuente.
In 1986 and 1987, RNE also collaborates as a scriptwriter, broadcaster and radio actor for the programs “Wave Soup” and “Zero on the left” , the latter co-directed by Moncho Alpuente and Ángel Petricca.
From 1983 to 1986 he is part of the first team of musical programs of the missing Radio El País , carrying out the following programs:


He has been working as a freelance writer for ten years for the most powerful producers in the sector, as well as for the different television networks in the Spanish state.