What is a Web Developer?
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What is a Web Developer?

What is a Web Developer?

For most people, the idea of building their own website can seem challenging and time-consuming. Fortunately, you can choose to hire a web developer to take care of the technical details of your site. That will ensure your website runs smoothly. You’ll need to look for specific skills when searching for the best web developer. This article looks at who a web developer is and what to consider when hiring one.


What is a Web Developer?

A web developer is a professional programmer who created applications and programs for the World Wide Web. These professionals know how to build a website from scratch and can create custom codes to accommodate your specific needs. They develop anything from website layouts to the features and functions of your webpage.

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The Three Parts of Web Development

Client-Side Scripting

It’s a code that functions in a web browser and determines what your visitors will see the moment they land on your site.

Server-Side Scripting

This code works on a web server and powers the mechanics of how the website will work.

Database Technology

It ensures your website functions in a smooth way. One thing you should realize is that when it comes to large web development jobs, these tasks are divided among several developers.

One web developer may deal with setting up the website’s back-end and another may deal with the client side to ensure the website looks functional and stylish.

The main advantage of building your website from scratch is that it gives you the chance to come up with something original that suits your unique needs.

A Web Developer Should Know the Following Three Skills

Client-Side Languages

Client-side scripting involves the creation of website applications, which will execute themselves within the browser of the visitor’s computer, for example, simple flash games, storing the user’s data in cookies along with other types of interactive web applications. It also includes the use of languages such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML to build the look, feel and layout of a site.

Server-Side Languages

Server-side scripting refers to a technique used by web developers to build a website’s backend. This step is important since the individual using the computer limits a web browser’s storage. That means sites need to host the images and files that make the website to function in a database on a web server.

Server side scripting includes the building of the framework that will enable the database, which is on the web server to communicate with the web browser that’s on the end user’s computer. The web developer will need to embed scripts in your site, meaning when a person using your site makes a specific action, the server will display information or set images.

Server-side code is more secure since the person using your site doesn’t have access to data, proprietary databases or direct access beyond what’s shown to them. The server side languages include Java, ASP.NET and PHP.

Database Technologies

A web developer should be familiar with database technologies. Any website needs a database for storing images, codes and files and other data for it to function well. Among the popular database technologies in the market for website applications are Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Apache.


What is a Web Developer? The above guide on the qualities of the best web developer should make the work of hiring one easier. Remember that a web developer focuses on the technical side of things while a web designer looks at how the website will look and feel to the end user.


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